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(For Distributors, Pharmacies, and Wholesalers)

Our innovative products improve the quality of life of people around the world and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives.

At Genesis, we are always seeking to establish long -term working relationships with outstanding organizations that are interested in contributing to the success of
our rapidly growing industry, whether they are pharmaceutical distributors, agents, e-commerce organizations, physicians or practice managers.
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Authentication of your product is very easy, and the only sure way to verify that you are in possession of a genuine Genesis-manufactured item.
There are two holograms, one located top on the box and other one located underside . There are two numbers located on each of the scraping code.
In addition, there are also two serial numbers: one that is pin , and a verification number.

To view the verification number, you must scratch off the foil to expose it.
Do not accept any product that has the foil scratched off or if the secret number is exposed for any reason.
This indicates that the product has been tampered with, and there is no way to verify its legitimacy.
After scratching off the foil concealing the verification number on the box, check to make sure the numbers match.

After you have checked the numbers, enter the serial number and pin number into the appropriate boxes. Next, enter the computer generated
characters into the lower box and press ‘Go’. This site will allow each number to be verified only once. After which, if the number
is entered again you will be informed that the number has already been used. Each piece that is manufactured has a unique, individual identifying set of numbers.

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We are a team of highly qualified scientists. We see our goal in changing the modern world of science for the better and in improving it.

We have recently finished our new project that includes deep research on behavior of cosmic rays, their way and purpose of elementary particles generation and how our environment can benefit from them. A group consisting from scientists and experts was involved into this research.

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(The widespread problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals on the market)

According to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations:

“Trade in counterfeit drugs is widespread and affects both developing and developed countries.
All medicines are subject to counterfeiting, both branded and generic.
Counterfeit drugs are found under different forms, including:

Products with the correct ingredients (but often with incorrect quantities of active ingredients,
or time-expired active ingredients, creating an increased risk of drug resistance.
The product may also have been relabeled, which can lead to allergic reactions and harmful interactions with other drugs);

Products with the wrong ingredients (possibly toxic and therefore directly harmful to patients);

Products without active ingredient (leaving patients at risk as their disease is left without treatment)

It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between real and fake medicines.
Taking for granted that the drugs can be trusted, patients, doctors and other medical staff often do not even suspect that there is anything wrong with their medicines.
However, not only is it in most cases hard to detect suspicious products, but there is also a lack of public awareness about counterfeit drugs and their seemingly uncontrolled
presence on the market. As a consequence, medicines that do not work or cause unusual side-effects are rarely even reported,
since symptoms (including deaths) are usually attributed to the disease. From a judicial perspective, prosecution is complicated
by the fact that the evidence of counterfeiting is consumed.”