Genesis Hits: 79

Authentication of your product is very easy, and the only sure way to verify that you are in possession of a genuine Genesis-manufactured item.
There are two holograms, one located top on the box and other one located underside . There are two numbers located on each of the scraping code.
In addition, there are also two serial numbers: one that is pin , and a verification number.

To view the verification number, you must scratch off the foil to expose it.
Do not accept any product that has the foil scratched off or if the secret number is exposed for any reason.
This indicates that the product has been tampered with, and there is no way to verify its legitimacy.
After scratching off the foil concealing the verification number on the box, check to make sure the numbers match.

After you have checked the numbers, enter the serial number and pin number into the appropriate boxes. Next, enter the computer generated
characters into the lower box and press ‘Go’. This site will allow each number to be verified only once. After which, if the number
is entered again you will be informed that the number has already been used. Each piece that is manufactured has a unique, individual identifying set of numbers.