True Genesis domain name was and it is still same.
Counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry has reached epidemic proportions. There have been numerous methods developed in an attempt to curtail the problem, but these attempts have met with little success. Holograms, bar-coding, use of special packaging material and even the use of embedded micro chips on high value items have done little to prevent this widespread problem.
We now have product verification system for all our products to counteract counterfeited products. We will be providing best quality anabolics for our customers as long as we can do.

While we make every possible effort to secure the authenticity of our products through product verification, due to the prevalence of counterfeit pharmaceutical products, customers should be wary of:

• Labels that appear to have been altered.

• Misspelled or altered product content.

• Poor quality material or packaging.

• Missing codes, trademarks or other information.
Company Profile

Genesis is a specialty pharmaceutical company that focuses on a wide range of products for the anabolic steroid and peptide markets.
The extensive industry knowledge of our research and development team, our expert technicians, and the practical hands-on experience with the products allow us to ensure that
we are able to offer the foremost products in the anabolic steroids field.

We develop, manufacture and market brand and generic pharmaceutical products utilizing various drug delivery technologies.
These technologies include controlled release, trans-dermal, oral and injectable delivery systems.

Our products utilize natural and engineered products to correct hormone deficiencies caused by aging or various ailments,
and help patients achieve a more youthful state. Our goal is to help people optimize their health and well-being,
and attain the highest level of fitness and performance possible. The purpose of our products is to restore energy and vitality,
and to enhance the libido of both men and women of all ages.

We also offer what we believe are the most effective products to treat wasting conditions caused by HIV/AIDS and other illnesses.
Our current product line includes some 25 items including hormones, the latest libido-enhancing products,
metabolic/gonadotropin stimulating compounds, as well the best hair and skin products available.

All Genesis products are manufactured to USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) or BP (British Pharmacopoeia) standards.
Our plants are certified as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) manufacturers. These are the most stringent, state-of-the-art quality control and purity standards worldwide.
We are pleased to provide manufacturing information and product assays at any time to interested parties.

We strive to be constantly and consistently flexible and quality-driven when working with clients,
and when developing new products that meet our clients’ needs. We encourage our staff as well as
our customers to take an active role in exploring the boundaries of medical and pharmaceutical research with the practical applications of our medicines in mind.

Our goal is to offer our customers the highest level of service and courtesy, combined with the most competitive prices available.
Genesis is committed to maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards in the advertising, promotion, sale and distribution of our products.

If required, Genesis is able to offer special formulations, packaging and volume pricing on virtually all products we carry and many not yet listed within our product line.
If you have a query or special requirement you need to fulfill, please contact us.

We ship worldwide. Orders will usually be sent out within 10 working days.
The quality, safety, and satisfaction with all of our products are our chief priorities.

At ends of 2013, laws changed about steroids in some EU countries.We had to stop our business for a while.
At this period few fakes of Genesis started to produce anabolics in market like and real Genesis or genesis-meds.
They tried to use our brand prestige but they could not have success. They were never related with us.
Some made our 1:1 copy of brand and they sold underdosed and bad quality products too. This is why people started to complain about Genesis product quality.

We moved our location to another one of EU countries and we are back now!

Genesis Product Verification Control

Check the authenticity of Genunie Genesis products before use.

To ensure that you are using genuine products, please check the Genesis product's serial number and pin number by entering the system.